Connecting your domain using CloudFlare

Follow these steps when you are ready to publicize your site. You will be connecting your own domain name with your OPTe site using CloudFlare.

1. Setup CloudFlare account (Free)

  • Add your domain name.
  • Add DNS records pointing to your OPTe site.
    CNAME: @ | site.opte.website
    CNAME: www | domain.com
  • Set Crypto settings for https:
    SSL = Full | Always use HTTPS = ON | Automatic HTTPS Rewrites = ON

2. Goto your WP Admin >> Tools >> Domain Mapping

  • Enter your domain (www.example.com) and select HTTPS protocol
  • Login from your domain: https://example.com/wp-admin/

3. Goto >> Settings >> CloudFlare

  • Connect your CF account with email and API key
  • Apply “Optimize Cloudflare for WordPress”
  • Turn on “Automatic Cache Management”

*DNS changes may take a few minutes to propagate between your domain registrar and CloudFlare.