Fully Hosted WordPress

WordPress comes in two flavors: the fully hosted versions WordPress.com and OPTe.NETWORK and the self-hosted independent version free at WordPress.org.
OPTe.NETWORK vs. WordPress.org

Theme and Plugin Updates

Themes and plugins are updated every week on Sunday between 6:00am – 9:00am (UTC).

We monitor logs and compatibility check these updates to eliminate any fatal errors and look for any obvious theme changes that have the potential to cause page element bugs. It is a good idea to visually check your sites which could have been impacted by feature changes (especially Divi) every Monday morning.

We retain several previously release versions of the Divi Theme (e.g. 3.14.x, 3.15.x, 3.16.x) if you wish to revert to one of those version and wait for a later release you can activate that version from the theme library. If you not available, please contact us.

User Accounts

New users added to your site are sent a notification email to confirm registration on OPTe.NETWORK.

Please read our Privacy Notice to better understand how we, at OPTe, process information about the visitors of our users’ websites in connection with the services we provide through OPTe.NETWORK.

Restore Backup

All OPTe WP Sites are individually backed up daily. If you need to restore anything, please contact support for assistance.

Outbound Emails

Your website’s notification emails are sent via the www.opte.network domain address. If you would like for emails to be sent from your custom domain, activate Easy WP SMTP and configure your email settings.

HTML Email Template

Under settings you can modify HTML email templates and remove our design for your outgoing notifications. There are several pre-designed templates or you can design your own.

One WordPress…Thousands of Plugins

Not every “free” version plugin has been upgraded to the pro-version, mainly due to low demand or necessity.
If you would like us to install a pro version or add a plugin to the library, please contact support.
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Custom Functions and Child Themes

Ever read “add this to your child theme”? Your custom child theme is a way to add custom functions to modify your theme and WordPress.

Sites with the Genius Plan or higher can optionally have a custom child theme installed.

Our support staff can advise, configure, and upload files or theme functions you need.

Restricted Code

If you write some code or copy-and-paste from another site, and then it disappears after publishing the post, the code is likely being stripped out as a security precaution.

If you would like to add any 3rd party restricted code, please contact support for assistance.

Use Jetpack Shortcode Embeds for trusted sources such as Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

About Jetpack

Jetpack is a free 3rd Party plugin by Automattic that utilizes powerful WordPress.com servers to enhance your site and simplify managing it.

There are plenty of free features included and paid plans for features such as Askimet, Automated Social Media Posting, Video CDN, SEO Tools, and Elasticsearch-powered Search.

Please note the following features are NOT available on OPTe: Manage, Vaultpress Backups, VideoPress, & Post by Email.

More about Jetpack

About Themes

OPTe DESIGNER & TRADER Theme Libraries are full of curated themes by companies such as Elegant Themes, Obox, WooCommerce, Studio Press, and many more. We keep them up to date so you don’t have to, simply activate the one you want for your site.

OPTe PERFORMER runs the Divi Theme, if you want a different theme, please choose our DESIGNER or TRADER platform for your site.

Optionally you can subscribe and pay a fee to the theme developer for additional support or services.

If you want a Theme that is not in our library, please contact support. It must meet our quality guidelines and respect the WordPress GNU GPL license.

Staging an Upgrade

If you are going to re-design or restructure your live OPTe site, you may want to clone a copy to stage an upgrade.

Imagine you are changing themes or designing changes that you don’t want your visitors to see.

No problem, we will make a copy (clone) of your existing site and point your domain to it. When you are finished with your upgrade, simply de-activate your domain from the cloned site and activate it back on your real site.



  1. Activate a new site and upgrade to your current plan. (choose the plan period for your estimated upgrade time)
  2. Contact support and let us know you are ready to clone your site.
  3. When finished de-activate your domain from the “cloned” site and activate it again on your main site.
  4. Cancel your “cloned” site subscription.


  1. Activate a new site and contact support to clone your site. (free upgrade for 3 months).
  2. When finished de-activate your domain from the cloned site and activate it again on your main site.
  3. The cloned site subscription will cancel automatically.

We can help: Contact Support